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Darin C. Wright

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About Us

I M U is an extension of the I M portfolio of companies and brands. I M focuses on the development of individuals and organization by providing personal, professional, and organizational development resources. I M U focuses on uplift of society, communities and the environment.

I M U was established late 2019 to provide corporate social responsibility governance to I M entities and to create content and courses related to the uplift of humanity and the environment. I M U is NOT an accredited institution that provides degrees. We do serve as a provider of higher learning. There is nothing higher than bringing great minds together for the purpose of uplifting humanity and the environment.

Our Purpose

We have a multi-purpose focus. Our primary purpose is to provide governance to I M companies and brands to ensure that these entities and their brands become and remain socially, economically, and environmentally conscious. We accomplish this by developing forward-thinking governance strategies and frameworks. Our second purpose is to share our knowledge with organizations and individuals to assist them in attaining the same level of consciousness. We do this by making our information accessible on our website, offering classes, and providing advisors to work with businesses, organizations, and communities.


Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions in which people and nature can coexist in productive harmony. I M U seeks to develop strategies to balance the preservation of the environment, the needs of humanity, and interests of business. The three are members of an ecosystem that must be in balance otherwise they all we cease to exist. We believe that profit, purpose, and preservation can coexist.

Frameworks & Governance

I M U creates innovative strategies and frameworks that lead to optimal results. Our approaches are based on an "abundance mindset" and mimic Nature. We have been gifted to exist in an ecosystem that has the innate intelligence to continuously produce. Two of our frameworks SEE Framework for Collective Success and Go & Grow are based on this philosophy.

Rethinking it all!

Rethinking sustainability begins with perceiving it as an opportunity and not as a problem. There are benefits to sustainability whether it be social, economic, or environmental for individuals and businesses.


Social sustainability focuses on learning and understanding the work and living needs of people to better understand how to promote their well-being. Social responsibility includes human rights, fair labor practices, living conditions, health, safety, wellness, diversity, equity, work-life balance, empowerment, and community engagement.


Economic sustainability begins with the responsible, efficient, and maximum utilization of resources while considering costs or profits. This involves assessing the cost of resources while considering the impact to the environment and community from acquisition to disposal of resources/products. This is applicable to individuals and organizations.


Environmental sustainability begins with respecting the environment by responsibly consuming and protecting its resources in a manner as to not compromise the needs of future generations. This includes a wide range of issues including climate change, renewable energy, air and water pollution, soil erosion, waste and landfill capacity, etc.

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