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Walt Whitman


I M University

I M University (I M U), is a non-profit entity and a new addition to the I M Possible brand portfolio.

Our purpose is to establish protocols and policies for social, economic, and environmental sustainability through through education, experiential, and exposure initiatives. The SEE framework serves to guide I M businesses and brands to become and remain socially, economically, and environmentally conscious.

Our efforts support our values and beliefs that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive ideals.

Here is our approach to start our journey:

I M U's purpose is to:

  • To assist I M businesses and brands with establishing human and environmental sustainability policies, protocols, and procedures aligned with their business's strategic objectives.
  • To assist I M businesses and brands with creating strong links between their products and related social and environmental causes such as
    • Taste Me Please (TMP), I M's catering business began transitioning to using biodegradable supplies prior to ceasing operations due to COVID-19. When TMP resumes operations its goals are utilize biodegradable supplies when possible; to give remaining food from events to homeless shelters when possible; to improve our upcycling recipes; and to transition to offering health conscious menus choices that are predominantly plant-based. The 2nd and 3rd goals are to reduce food waste and the 4th goal is to align TMP with our sister brand I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness.
    • When purchasing supplies I M businesses are required to seek vendors that utilize recyclable materials in their production.
  • Educate businesses and entrepreneurs on building purpose-driven, value-based, socially-conscious organizations.
  • Educate organizations and individuals on eco-sustainability practices.
  • Establish partnerships between I M entities and social, environmental, and community-based organizations.
  • Establish give back models for I M entities and other organizations to follow.
  • Host a 'think-tank' to seek new and innovative concepts for mitigating/eradicating social and environemental issues.

Accreditation / Certfication

I M University (I M U) is a non-degree or non-diploma entity. Currently learners in any of I M U sponsored courses will not earn college or other academic credit. This may change in the future.

Learners are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement (COA). To earn a COA for a course, the Learner must meet the requirements for the specific course.

We may be late to the game but we are going to play like our life depends on us winning because it does!